European audio-visual history: from local archives to global trends

Docente: Bohdan Shumylovych – European University Institute, Department of History and Civilization

Lingua: Inglese

Proposed presentation is aimed at discussion of the digital turn in the humanities, especially in history and historiography.
The practice of digitization of historical documents is widespread in the Europe and gradually penetrates into the post-Socialist archival institutions, thereby reflecting the belief in a positive democratic access to cultural heritage. In addition to text documents, audio-visual archives are also digitized, and in our days the whole array of materials, which are available to historians, to some extent, reminiscent of historic boom of source publications of the 19th century. However, if in the past, access to sources took place in parallel with the development of the research system, the emergence of new methods of interpretation and the institutionalization of history as academic science, in the modern Europe it is difficult to talk about the new and different media-historiography or digital historiography. There are plenty of hybrid practices (digital and traditional) of history making in European countries and we still have to find answers to questions: what kind of history will offer the culture of open array of sources and personal information? Can digital platforms offer a different history? Would it be place for European audio-visual history?
Form: presentation with power point and Internet