The ideas of Europe: why did we become a Union and what kind of Union we are.

Docente: Lorenzo Piccoli – European University Institute, Department of Social and Political Sciences

Lingua: Inglese, Italiano

This workshop discusses the ideas behind the creation of the European Community, their evolution over time, and their strength against contemporary challenges facing Europe. To this aim, the workshop is organized in three parts. First, the workshop presents the three founding ideas that were behind the establishment of the European institutions after World War II: security from war, economic prosperity, and consolidation of democracy against totalitarianism. Subsequently, the workshop shows how these ideas were translated in the creation of the European institutions and how they evolved and adapted over time between 1951 up to today. Finally, the workshop assesses the strength of the three founding ideas in a world that has profoundly changed since 1951. The overarching aim of the workshop is to understand the historical ideas behind the creation of the Union to better understand present challenges facing Europe and its institutions.

FORMAT: Workshop organized around a presentation done with the support of multimedia material (historical cartoons, pictures, and maps) and interaction with the participants.