The EU and Member States in Global Affairs: Any Sign of Convergence?

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The EU and Member States in Global Affairs: Any Sign of Convergence?

Martedì 5 e Mercoledì 6 Maggio – Ore: 09:30 – 18:00

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It is a commonplace to say that in the realm of foreign relations States have maintained key prerogatives and the EU has rarely been able to assume a decisive role. In fact, the EU does play a role in shaping key policies that go beyond the traditional diplomacy and military dimensions by affecting other key aspects of “power” in global affairs as well as addressing several non-traditional security issues. From the centrality of EU in trade negotiations to the funding provided to Science and Technology, from EU actions in aid and development to strategies to counter transnational organized crime, Europe is increasingly a global actor. EU policies in these domains interact – and sometimes conflict with those enacted by Member States and a careful assessment of the EU’s role in global affairs should take into consideration all of these aspects. And yet, in the light of current global challenges, attention should focus especially on the following areas: terrorism and international crises; cyber-security; energy; migration and organized crime. If the EU wants to avoid being totally marginalized over the coming years it should start speaking with one voice at least with respect to the issues at stake in these five major problem areas. The purpose of this conference is precisely to shed light on the degree of divergence/convergence between EU-level and Member States’ intervention in these fields. Academic experts and policy practitioners will be invited to present the state-of –the-art in the relevant debates as well as discuss original scientific research.

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4 aprile 2015

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